Optical System Development

We are developing an optical labelling system integrating microscope, electric-mechanical, and deep-learning technique for biology research application. This system, which consists of a multi-photon excitation microscope and FPGA, is capable of manipulating single cell rapidly. The figure in the left shows the frame-work of the system. The optical resolution of the system was examined using a 40x and a 60x high-numerical aperature objective with 200 nm fluorescence beads (Right panel). The result shows that the system successfully achieved a 300 to 400 nm lateral resolution, which is very close to the Abbe limit. We are continuously upgrading and optimizing this system, hoping that it can completely be automatic and applied to any kinds of cell-biology research and pioneer bio-medical field. Meanwhile, we are also setting up a inter-disciplinary and flexible research environment in the National Biotechnology Research Park, further promoting innovative scientific research.